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Meet Lauren Andrews, Founder of AroMed Aromatherapy, a Registered Nurse and Clinical Aromatherapist. Her intuition and desire to expand alternative treatments for mental health and stress related illnesses led her to research the compelling and growing body of scientific evidence supporting the use of essential oils in clinical settings. Lauren’s desire to introduce holistic self-care practices, as well as affordable access to the highest quality organic essential oils on the market, and organic Vermont CBD, to a wider audience, led to the founding of AroMed Aromatherapy.
Lauren received her Aromatherapy Certification from Andrea Butje, founder of Aromahead Institute and one of only four recipients to receive the Alliance of International Aromatherapists lifetime achievement awards. Lauren has received advanced training from: Robert Tisserand, author of The Art of Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Safety; Rhiannon Harris Lewis, internationally regarded clinical educator in the areas of infectious diseases, French aromatherapy and psycho-aromatherapy; Cathy Skipper, author of Aromatic Medicine, specializing in safe internal use of essential oils, and Jade Shutes, Director of Education at the East West Aroma School. Lauren recently completed University of Vermont's Cannabis Science and Medicine Certification Program. 
AroMed Aromatherapy is committed to using and selling only organic, sustainably wild-harvested essential plant oils from small, rural community growers and distillers worldwide, supporting their local economies and ensuring oil purity. All AroMed's CBD offerings are made from organically grown Vermont hemp.